Solar Electric

Are you looking to save money on your electricity bill while simultaneously contributing to the well-being of the environment? Solar panels will help you to do both.


Enjoy the Benefits of Solar Electricity:

  • All power derived from the sun
  • Quick, efficient repairs
  • Same-day installations (depending on size of home)
  • 30% federal rebate available
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No dependence on domestic fossil fuels or oil

25-year warranty with all system components

Your satisfaction is always our number one priority, and you can rest assured that all new installations are backed by our 1-year workmanship warranty and up to 20 year warranty on the system.

Want to know more about our warranty policy? Speak to a member of our team today 239-309-9566

FPL customers ask about NET metering and sale unused energy back!

Financing Available
Zero Down with 100% Financing

Why pay the electric company when you can reroute that same money to pay for your own solar electric system?
Act now! Last year for the 26% tax credit!

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Charlotte County now has the PACE program available! Call now for financing with ZERO down!!!!