American Water Heaters

Residential Solar Electric Booster Tanks


A solar system can reduce utility costs for water heating up to 70%. The American Solar Booster Tanks are a direct replacement option to extend the life of your solar water heating system. Both direct and indirect booster tanks are available to work with almost any system.

American direct solar water heaters are designed for installation as a part of a direct (open loop) solar water heating system or for use with external heat exchangers in closed loop systems. Available in 65, 80 and 119-gallon capacities these models provide storage for the hot water produced by the solar collectors and a supplementary electric heating element that maintains consistent water temperature during periods when solar energy is not available.

Multiple Connection Options for Installation Flexibility

  • Side and top connections for open loop systems or closed loop systems using an external heat exchanger


  • 4500 watt heating element – long lasting low-watt density design spreads wattage over larger surface area to prolong element life and maximize efficiency
  • Pre-wired for surface mount temperature sensor (sensor supplied separately)

Tank Construction

  • Glasslined Steel Tank – glasslining protects against corrosion to maximize tank life
  • 2-inch thick “Environmentally-Friendly” Non-CFC Foam insulation (R16 Value) reduces standby heat loss

Anode Rod

  • Anode rod with stainless steel core protects tank against corrosion

CSA Certified and ASME Rated T&P Relief Valve

Durable Tamper-Resistant Brass Drain Valve

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