AquaSolar GoldLine GL-235


, AquaSolar GoldLine GL-235
The Hayward AquaSolar GL-235 is a basic solar pool heater which is best for a speed pool motor. It has LED lights to indicate what position the controller is in.

It has a 5 year limited warranty, with a no questions-asked replacement program within the first 3 three years.

Temperature settings are accurate turning on and off within 4 degrees of desired temperature.


Capable of controlling a solar booster if needed, freeze protection and nocturnal cooling, the GL-235 is America’s best-selling solar control.



  • Best starter solar controller for home owners
  • Quick, accurate, easy-to-set desired temperature controls.
  • LED lights to indicate action
  • 5 Year Limited warranty
  • Freeze protection


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, AquaSolar GoldLine GL-235

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