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Sunstar solar thermal panels


The SunStar Solar Pool Heating System lets you swim comfortably even during the cooler months. Our state-of-the-art panels are maintenance-free with maximum efficiency. With an innovative mounting system, we have minimized roof connections and the panels “float” above the roof, allowing it to breathe while staying clean and dry. SunStar Solar Pool Heating Systems come with a 12-year limited warranty—the longest and most comprehensive warranty on the market.

Commercial pool heating with SunStar is highly energy efficient, providing year-round pool heating in warm climates and further extends the swim season in cooler areas. Organizations typically see a return on investment within three years due to several benefits, including:

  • Distinct, sleek panel design
  • Wear and freeze resistant
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Withstands hurricane force winds


Single-Piece Construction

Individual Tubes

Mounting Sled

Panel Clamps

Open Flow Design

Unique Features

  • Over-Molded manifold header ensures reliable riser to header bonding to create a seamless leak proof panel.
  • Individual Tube Design prevents distortion and cracking of the panel over time while protecting the roof from damages due to improper venting below the panel.
  • Spacer Bars Protects the riser tubes from damages caused by the thermal expansion of the panel.
  • Modular Structure enables the fitting of the solar array to the any size and roof type.
  • Unique Roof attachment systemsystemenables smooth thermal expansion and contraction of the system.
  • Rigid Parts & Fittings for simple connection between panels and standard pipes.
  • Square Manifold Header a unique square design that ensures tight fastening and mounting of the panel to any roof type.