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What is the future of the utility?

Many of us are somewhat familiar with what an electric utility does. Our house receives electricity, and we get a bill in the mail each month for it. Here in North Carolina, that bill is likely coming from Duke Energy. In other parts of the country it may be PG&E or...

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Gap signs PPA for 90 MW of wind

Global apparel retailer Gap Inc. announced that it has signed a 90-MW virtual power purchase agreement (VPPA) for the Aurora Wind Project with Enel Green Power North America, marking one of the largest offsite renewable energy contracts by an apparel retailer.

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Solar news: August 23rd, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn this week’s Solar News Roundup, Tesla launches a new solar rental model, and the energy storage market for California’s major utilities continues at impressive deployment rates, especially in SDG&E territory. Tesla launches a new monthly...

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What is solar racking?

Reading Time: 4 minutesOnce a solar panel system is installed, you’ll generally only see the shiny new panels on your property. However, the solar racking beneath them is an integral part of any solar installation. What is solar racking? In order to safely fix solar...

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Diy Solar Power Installation To Spend Less

Say bye bye to any electric bill and say welcome to renewable gasoline. As far as renewable energies go, energy is one among the most reliable and there for you. DIY Green Energy is kind of useful to establishments which is not mainly for highly efficient structures...

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Solar news: August 9th, 2019

Reading Time: 2 minutesIn this week’s Solar News Roundup: bills in Massachusetts mimic California’s new solar mandate, and a SEPA report on energy storage deployment by utility. Massachusetts may emulate California with new construction law for solar Following the...

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Your Help Solar Panel Installation

Free energy is everywhere. All discovered do is collect it or convert it to usable forms. That's what your power company does on a way larger scale. The facility Company has a drawback. The have to deliver getting this done. Electric Company needs power lines and Gas...

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How Container Deal On Solar Power Systems

While there are some home projects that are best left to professionals (solar panel installation, for example) there are regarding projects that homeowners in the british isles can do for themselves. Tackling one's own home repairs is actually becoming so popular it...

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The Science Of Solar Electricity

A solar pool heater enables you and your family to enjoy your mishaps or outdoor spa to obtain greater part of all seasons. Into spring and autumn. And into cooler mornings and night times. When others are shivering! The traffic and car exhaust short-term as I...

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